I'm Trying This New Thing...

...where I actually finish projects.

Bold, I know.

I recently realized (okay, not recently at all) that every room in my house is partially unfinished. Or, partially finished. Whichever way you want to look at it. There are some rooms that are right on the brink of completion... so close I can taste it... and when that happens, I usually move onto the next thing. Cuz that's how things work, right?

I have a few rooms I want to finish up before I start working on the house-related tasks of 2014, and it's slowing me down (even more than my usual slowness). The room with the least work to do and the most potential is probably the guest/play room, which I've already built some DIY Pipe Shelves in and purchased most of the furniture for. However. There is little to no decorating happening in that room so far (including blue plastic blinds... yuk!) So much so in fact, that I do not want to post the before picture until I can prove there's an after...

So. I am making baby steps towards something being completely finished. My first step? Investing in something I love.

I have not been able to shut up about these pillows from Thunderpeep. They haven't gotten here yet, but already I'm overflowing with ideas and inspiration. They completely epitomize what I want the room to feel like, and I can't wait to show you what I do with them. (Also, I suspect people around me would like me to stop talking about them...)

In the meantime, please just stare at pictures of them with me. And watch this fun video:

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