Don't try this at home! Five Terrible DIY Techniques Not To Steal From Music Videos

Being a 90's child, I remember rushing home after school to watch music videos as if they were a show. In the good ol' days of VHS, I would tape my favourite videos and replay them whenever the "boring" adult contemporary video streams would interrupt the usual pop flow. Music videos are such a quintessential part of my nostalgia for 90's television, you'd think Buffy had never happened.

But things have changed. Music videos are kind of scary now. It's pretty rare for videos to be clever, and a little more common for them to have either shock or bore value. If "video killed the radio star", I'm waiting on something to kill the music video in turn.

Today, I present to you some of the music videos that spoke to me on a DIY level. Videos that widen my eyes a little, and hurt my head a little. Videos that make me think "that is a silly, silly idea."

I warn you, the sarcasm level in this post is high.

5  DIY Techniques from Music Videos (Don't try this at home!)

1. Use garbage bags to make a fort on the cheap!
Tegan and Sara - Alligator

I'm choosing to start with Tegan and Sara, if only because at least one of the songs in this post has to be good. Having grown up listening to them, this video introduced a new side to T&S I wasn't expecting. Though the dance bit was new to me, their apparent lack of DIY intuition was more of a shocker.  Despite thinking for the last ten years or so that they must be awesome at everything, they go and build an igloo fort out of garbage bags. Holy suffocation risk, batman!

2. Paint a room without even touching the walls.
Willow Smith - Whip My Hair

For those who hate brush clean up and the process of taping off trim etc, this is a solution for you. Update those boring walls by soaking your hair with paint and whipping it around!! It's a workout and a seemingly effective decorating strategy. How could it fail?

3. Test the quality of second-hand furniture by jumping on it first.
Macklemore - Thrift Shop

This video is a lesson is quality, for sure: If you can't jump on the vintage chair, it obviously isn't worth buying. Also, it tells our children that instead of jumping on their beds in their own house, they should go to the nearest Value Village instead. Someone should probably tell the fur wearing rapper what thrifting is really all about... Tsk tsk.

4. Increase the efficiency of your power tools with household oil... all over your body.
Benny Benassi - Satisfaction

Most home reno DIYers ave seen the term "household oil" in one manual or another. But, did you know that the oil is actually meant to be used on your body and not your tools? Didn't think so. This video inspires me to grease up, wear flannels, and make suggestive faces while working on the house. It also makes me wonder if Ana White, who always looks so fabulous in her DIY how-to videos, really can look that good while building things.

5. Minimize cleanup from doing house reno's by doing them naked.
Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball

Last but not least, this video by Miley Cyrus taught me two things: First, she seems to think that demolition is best done nude. Second, she seems to think that romancing her tools will make them more efficient. Someone needs to tell this girl she is doing it wrong.

So there you have it. 5 of the most terrible DIY tips and tricks for house and home inferred from pop music videos. Now let's hope none of these folks get their own HGTV show...

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