I've moved!

Hi there!

If you're a regular to www.clementinecelebrationdesign.com, You may have noticed my blogging has wound down quite a bit over the last while. And rightly so! My life has expanded beyond just celebrations and into full blown creative antics. I find myself itching to blog about this or that, but worrying it doesn't fit within the Clementine Celebrations Design ideal.


It is with much excitement that I announce a fresh start with www.creativeclementine.com.

All of my CCD posts have been moved over and recategorized to fit the new blog format. I am very, very excited to feel relevant in my own life again!

Talk to you soon! <3

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  1. Congratulations! Can't wait to read all the new posts :)


Thank you for your comments! I love reading them all and will reply when I can.