Cutesie Wootsie Stressless Halloween Bash

Now that the little ones in our family are old enough to know what Halloween is all about, we figured it was time to cut the strings on the themed out Halloween parties of days gone by. We grown-ups had our chance to live it up. This year, there would be no Jetsons, goombas or Mad Hatters. This year was all about what makes kids go "ooooooh" or "yuk!"

We decided on a few nut, dairy and stress-free menu items and went from there. Suddenly all of the classic Halloween snacks were all I could pin about. I was actually excited to do things normal people would do. Holy breakthrough, batman.

The menu included amazingly simple kid-friendly Halloween foods. Mini "pumpkin" jellos, graveyard puddings, morbidly delicious rotting-mouth apple things (what are they called?), coconut-covered banana "ghosts", cotton candy, mummy hot dogs and a nut-&-dairy-free snack mix. It took about an hour to make everything, and that includes pudding made from scratch because of a dairy allergy. Imagine if it had been pudding cups? As in, instant?! This would have been a quick and dirty party for the Clem' record books.

I also got to infuse the party with a little Garnish cuteness. The lil' graveyard puddings  are simply adorable in the square containers with lil woodsie spoons. I also used striped paper straws for the cotton candy (that really just reminded me of q-tips.... ew?) and to make the banana ghosts. Their classy white paper cups made for an adorable coffee experience for the grown ups, too. 

If you'd like to know how we kept the party allergen-free and super easy, let me know in the comments! I've heard from a few people that there is usually pain involved in this sort of nut-and-dairy-free venture. Who'da thunk? Everything we made is fairly easy to guesstimate the how-to for, but I am more than willing to share!

Be back soon with more happy-go-lucky goodness!

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