A Celestial Sixtieth Birthday

Hello world! I've been calling in sick to the bloggin' job the last couple weeks due to a bad case of bronchitis followed by a recovery period (aka catching up on all the housework being sick kept me from doing!). Tis' the season for coughs, colds and antibiotics.

In other news, I'm jazzed to give you a quick look at a nerdy-chic, elegant-meets-astronauts snack buffet I put together for a special guy's sixtieth birthday party. The goal was to embrace his love of science fiction and astronomy without overlooking his "coming of age" maturity. There comes a point in every man's life when stars and spaceships are not an appropriate birthday theme... but somehow, we pulled it off.

One tricky part of this snack station was that I had to have everything ready to go and able to be set up in about a half hour. The table was also a last minute addition to the family's plan, and I'd only had a couple days' notice and no site visit. This is how it turned out, despite everything:

Yes, there's some wrinkle to that table cover. Despite all the party pictures I swoon over (many of which are just photo shoots, not even real parties), I have come to accept that sometimes wrinkles happen. For a hit-and-run execution, I think it turned out to be pretty cute. Especially on a coffee table, in a room filled with people during setup, with only half an hour to get'r done if I didn't want to be in the room when everyone yelled, "SURPRISE!!"

As usual, the goods were heavy on the wordplay. Who knew there were so many witty desserts to serve using astronomy lingo? Give me a theme and ten minutes on Wikipedia, and I'll give you a menu of cleverly titled foods.

The cake was made custom for the birthday guy by a friend of the family with some wonderful skill. Even though I didn't make it, I absolutely had to share it with you. Such a creative use of embellishments!

It was a lot of fun to rise to the challenge of this theme, and I hope it inspires you to think outside the box for your own loved ones' celebrations.

Happy weekend!

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  1. everything looks so yummy & gotta love the wordplay! Fun fun fun!


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