12 DIY's of Christmas #6: Handmade Coffee Sleeves

Since this post was supposed to be a Saturday post, I figured I'd take easy DIY to the next level. Merry belated 6th day of Christmas everyone! There will be some catching up to do in tomorrow's post :)

12 DIY's of Christmas 
DIY#6 - Handmade Coffee Sleeves

When I saw this on the For the Love of Food and Photography blog, I knew it would have to become one of my 12 handmade Christmas adventures. Something about it being a super cute, thrifty, two minute DIY project really got my attention.... are we surprised?

Check out the original post for directions, or just take my word for it here: get cute socks, cut the top and bottom off, slide onto your cup. Bing, bang, boom. Jaime at For the Love of Food and Photography explains it much better... :)

I actually saw the same cups used in the post at Liquidation World (aka BigLots) for $5, which makes this a thrifty DIY that can actually be accomplished at the prices being blogged about. I have big, big love for that.

Do you have any favourite DIY projects involving socks?

Love, Clementine

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