12 DIY's of Christmas #5: Deliverable Date Night

A great go-to gift for couples is the classic date night package. Often, this means dinner and a movie. In my family, couples are often gifted a dual-giftcard set of restaurant + movie passes, or a DVD paired with popcorn and ingredients for a nice dinner. I wanted to do something similar for a friend who was having a baby...something that brought date night home to them.

For the 5th day of Christmas (the day of 5 golden rings... jus' sayin'), I have a ridiculously easy date-night package DIY to share. Are you ready for how easy this is?

12 DIY's of Christmas 
DIY#5 - {Deliverable} Date Night

What you need:

Paper popcorn box
Microwave popcorn
Theatre-style boxed candies
Gift certificate/card to a restaurant that delivers
Gift certificate/card to a downloadable/streaming movie source
Tissue paper
Optional: Babysitter notepad {DIY coming up!}

Step 1:
Get your stuff. I chose Boston Pizza and a few months' subscription to Netflix.

Step 2:
Shove a sheet of tissue paper in the bottom of the popcorn box to both stabilize and hold things up. Place items in one at a time. I folded the popcorn bags to make them fit, but your popcorn box may be a different size. 

Attach the giftcards to the front of the box with a cute label. Wrap in cellophane and voila! Quick, easy, clever.

There are, of course, a million variations on this gift. A bigger popcorn bowl and a bottle of popcorn kernels will do the trick just as well for a couple with a hot-air popper (you can really load in the candy then, too!). Add breath fresheners for a laugh, or put it together with a theme in mind. So many possibilities are opened up when you take the DIY path!

How do you stylize your seasonal "default gifts"?? 

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