12 DIY's of Christmas #12: Novelty Notepad + FREE Printables!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! Today is the 12th day of Christmas here on Clementine, which brings us to the end of the 12 DIY's of Christmas. I wanted to share something you can do entirely at home, with regular ol' craftin' supplies, so that you didn't have to go out into the Christmas Eve shopping madness to throw this last DIY together.

You're welcome. Now on to the DIY!!

12 DIY's of Christmas 
DIY#12 - Novelty "Please Babysit!" Notepad + FREE PRINTABLES!

On the 5th day of Christmas, I shared a DIY for a quick and simple dinner and a movie package. Included in that post was a promise to show you all the cutesie novelty notepad I threw into the mix. Merry Christmas, folks! I'm not just showing it to you, I'm giving it away.

I've posted the instructions and design on ScribD for you all to download and add to your Celebrations asap! I'll leave it up for FREE until January 15 only. So hurry! Cute, cheeky gifting awaits.


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