12 DIY's of Christmas #10: Pizza Italiano Gift Set

On the first day of Christmas DIY's, I showed you how I grabbed this and that from a Wholesale store and turned it into a cute, culturally sensitive(ish) Wok gift-set. Today, the 10th day of Christmas on Clementine, I'll show you how I used the same approach to suit a different style.

12 DIY's of Christmas 
DIY#10 - Pizza Italiano Gift Set

This gift is just as easy as DIY #1, but requires a little more shopping. For anyone in Thunder Bay, it should be doable within an hour. Here's how.

Run into the Wholesale Club and over to the professional cookware section. Grab pizza cutters, pizza pans, and the cool oven shovel type thing I don't know the word for (optional, since its hard to wrapwith a two foot handle, but a very cool gadget... whatever its called). If you see something else you like, grab that too (parmesan and chilli pepper shakers like in classic pizza joints, for example). If you're not a "foodie", run to the food section and grab a pizza kit (I think Kraft sells them) or pizza sauce, olive oil, and other classic non-perishable toppings. If you're a little more gourmet, go to the next step.

Hit up a local Italian grocery store to fill the food quota in your gift set. In Thunder Bay, there are a few on each end of town to choose from. Grab some fancy, very traditionally packaged non-perishable ingredients to make a tasty pizza (and a very Italian looking themed gift!). I found this adorable bottle of "Pizza & Pizza" olive oil for only $5 at Maltese Grocers, but no pizza sauce. Oh well, c'est la vie---or however you say that in Italian. If you're confident it won't be unrefrigerated for too long, you could even load the basket with fresh herbs, deli pepperoni and produce.

Next and final step: find a book on Italian or Pizza recipes and cooking styles. I found this one in the bargain section at Chapters for a good price--and an even better shape! For a classier, more advanced recipient, there are many other options. I just couldn't resist the roundness! If you're buying for a non-recipe-reading individual, you could even skip the book altogether and load the basket up with more food. 

Throw it all together in a half-circle bread basket, using the aforementioned awesome gadget thinger and the pizza pans to support the weight. Then feel free to take pictures against a cheesy bistro tablecloth like I did. Perfetto!

Anyone who can tell me what the name is of the thingymajiggy I keep wanting to talk about will absolutely rock my world. ...I may even have a reward in mind for you. 

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