40 Years of Rock Party {aka Head Bangers' Ball} - Part 1

I hope you're all having a lovely start to your Monday! I know I am. Why? Because I am sharing Part 1 of a pretty rockin' birthday bash.

{Please forgive my TERRIBLE censoring of faces and personal information in this post, there was a whole lotta personalization in this party and it was tough to strategically photograph around it}

This party was designed as an in-home rock-show-bar for all ages, a theme customized to the man of the hour's love of classic metal and rock. The house was decked out like a bar, complete with show posters, signage, drinks and backstage passes.There was even "staff" on hand acting as bouncers checking ID and stamping hands. Loving a good "costume", I spent the evening in a waitress apron and tight black "bartender" clothes and eighties-friendly boots. So much fun!

The table signage included the standard bar specials, with a special emphasis on Midnight ROCKtails. Love the wordplay!

The entire house, including the bathroom!, was plastered with show posters in rock-show-bar fashion. The birthday dude and his buds were even headliners in some of the posters! Having a multimedia and design guru on hand was a beautiful thing for this party, and Andrew did an awesome job (it helped that he love-love-LOVES metal and 80s rock)

The back of the bathroom doors were covered in kraft paper in lieu of a guest book. Markers were left for guests to leave their birthday wishes for the big guy.

Prop aviators were available, along with inflatable guitars, for guests to rock out in. The birthday guy was given an awesome ThinkGeek guitar shirt that really plays like a guitar and his own backstage pass with an added "YOU ROCK" tag.


Guests young and old loved the props when it came time to pose in the photo booth. {Again, excuse my face blurring}

What a rockstar!

I hope you're as excited to see these pics as I am. I love reliving these events! This is just a taste, too, so make sure you come back to see Part 2! There's so much more to share, and a lot of it involves my favourite thing... FOOD!

 Love, Clementine

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