40 Years of Rock Party {aka Head Bangers' Ball} - Part 2

Now that you've had your peek at the custom decor and bar-themeing of Part 1 of this party's post, feast your eyes on these tasty details.

Beer bottles were custom labelled for guests using the party's Axe Grinder Rockhouse logo. A special label was created just for the man himself, with a hilarious picture of him posing in his underwear. No, I won't be posting that one... much to everyone's dismay, I'm sure! Juices for the kiddies were labelled using an adorable picture of the birthday guy's youngest.. we called it Minor's Ale. Notice the rattles on the neck labels? Andrew couldn't resist playing that up.

 Midnight snacks, which I was too busy eating to take pictures of, included tons of classic bar appetizers: wings, dips, shrimp, nachos... the list goes on. I may have been the biggest fan of the food at that party. Maybe it was because I didn't have to make it I'd been working up an appetite on what I'm showing you next.

And without further ado, the hyper-detail-oriented dessert buffet, featuring especially clever rock-reference treats. If you're a classic metal or rock fan, you might catch on to a few of them! (Guitar shaped brownies are fairly obvious, however) Please, please, please take notice of the Ozzy bat pops. They're my favourite! The man of the hour is a huge chocoholic, so chocolate is all over this spread. Even the bat pie pops are filled with a chocolate filling! So tasty.


I loved the use of the Axe Grinde Rockhouse as the backdrop to this table. Andrew also made a personalized "through the decades" greatest hits collection encompassing the 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's using pictures of the birthday dude. I chose not to showcase these for privacy reasons, but you can see a little glimpse of them on the back wall. Trust me when I say they rocked!!!

The party started at 8pm, and a little birdie told me it ended somewhere around 10 hours later.... Wow!!

I had a ton of fun planning the details for this party, and the family was a blast to work with. Thanks for letting me be a part of such a special nght!!

Love, Clementine

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