Love Break: Anniversary Getaway

I had to share more on me and the Mister's anniversary weekend. We decided we deserved a little getaway, something quiet and removed from our regular routines and responsibilities. Being in Northwestern Ontario, we opted to go to Rossport, a little not-quite-town just a couple hours away.

I don't know nearly enough about the history of this tiny village, but it is tiny. And cute. And did I mention tiny? Population of 66 according to the last census. Wowzers. What sold me on the place we stayed was their unique twist on the continental breakfast: breakfast in a box.

I love anything that can include the phrase "on a stick" or "in a box" or "in a jar", so this was definitely a must-have experience. Due to my freak allergy to blueberries, we had to have our yummy looking wild blueberry muffins swapped for the most delicious quiche I've ever eaten. Hmmm... bummer? I have to say not. This was some seriously tasty quiche.

How cute is that? Sure, it's not the delectably gluttonous experience I usually seek for my getaway breakfasts, but it's so cute. Definitely something to consider incorporating into day to day life. Or maybe just my weekend life. Breakfast-in-a-box-in-bed sounds fabulous. Gimme?

Yea, I can see a fridge filled with breakfast boxes in my future. Or maybe a fridge just for my breakfast in a box obsession. Right beside the bed. Mmmm....

Love, Clementine

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