Geek Love: "Library of Marital Science" Post-Wedding Party (2 of 2)

I hope you all enjoyed what you saw of the Library of Marital Science party last week! I know I promised a second round of pictures from the event, and here they are. Without further ado, I present you with the Library of Marital Science's "Photo Synthesis" photo booth.

This particular photo booth was prepped and propped for a good nerdy time. Guests could choose from a bunch of prewritten messages, or write their own using chalk. Props included a butterfly net, mad scientist glasses, explorer gear, magnifying glass, and anything they wanted from around the party. Photo booths are such a blast!

The hostess, the lovely Donna, has given the okay to post the particularly fantastic photo of her with her man. Priceless!

Here's another couple of lovebirds... what weirdos! *ahem*

I had so much fun helping Donna with this event. You've gotta appreciate a mother who helps celebrate her son's marriage with such a uniquely personalized themed celebration!

See you after the weekend with pictures of last week's Heavy Metal 40th Birthday. I can't wait to show you!!

Love, Clementine

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