Ready, set, go!

Hello, Blogosphere!

I am very excited to finally get a move on with this blog!! Not only am I in desperate need of a place to post creative thoughts and adventures, but Thunder Bay needs more creative representation!

Clementine is about the little things that make day to day life feel extra awesome, whether it be a party, a "just-because" gift, or some little burst of creativity that ties a gift, gesture, or gathering together. Based out of the big, vast geography of Northwestern Ontario (NWO), Clementine hopes to uncover and inspire creativity in the NWO region. For any readers from this neck of the woods (almost literally), you know a reminder is needed every now and then.

There's no reason to wait for a holiday to make something special. That can be the natural state of things. Nothing says I can't declare any random day Clementine's day, and celebrate just because.

We'll be starting slow and steady, but rest assured content will be up and ready for reading.  Thanks for stopping by!

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