Clementine Celebration: Zombies, shmombies!

Looking for something cute for a special someone, just because? This cute little package is perfect for any occasion, or no occasion at all! The best part is, that no matter what you change around, it's still incredibly adorable (albeit a tad morbid and possibly even more geeky).

For the dark-humour love in your life, I present you with the Zombie Valentine.

I put this gem together for a friend across the country, just to remind her that no matter how far away or how busy our lives get, she's still loved.

After stumbling across Lily Vanilli's book, A Zombie Ate My CupCake, I couldn't resist throwing together a full cupcake package for my quirky and wonderful friend. The package came complete with a copy of the book, "fresh blood" icing, "instant brains" cake mix, accessories, and a sweet-twisted card designed by yours truly. The best part is is fits into one of the more economical express-post mailers, meaning it gets there fast and on the cheap!

This special gift can be customized to suit you and your recipient. Grab the book, and just add water.... better yet, add cupcake mix, liners, a "blood bag" of red icing (Duff) and some extra love.

Get inspired by any amusing books lately?

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